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Lu Bu - The Great General

L Bu (died 198) was a military general and later a minor warlord during the late Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of China. According to the Records of Three Kingdoms, L Bu was a master in horseback riding and archery, and was thus known as the Flying General. His image as a handsome and mighty warrior wearing a pheasant-tailed helmet and wielding a ji known as the "Sky Piercer" (Chinese: 方天畫戟; pinyin: Fāngtiān Hujǐ) on top of his steed Red Hare was later popularized by the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In the story, he is the single most powerful warrior in all of China, comparable to the Greek hero Achilles in prowess.

Besides being matchless on the battlefield, L Bu was also notorious for having betrayed and slain two separate masters (who were both his adoptive fathers). He was perhaps most well-known for his amorous relationship with the most likely fictional Diao Chan which led to his slaying of his adoptive father Dong Zhuo, the tyrannical warlord who held the puppet figurehead Emperor Xian in his control.

L Bu was eventually defeated and captured by Cao Cao in the city of Xiapi. At Liu Bei's suggestion, Cao Cao had L Bu hanged.

Services under Ding Yuan and Dong Zhuo
A local of the county of Jiuyuan in the Wuyuan Commandery (a district of present day Baotou, Inner Mongolia), L Bu started his career as the Chief Secretary under Bingzhou (并州) Governor Ding Yuan. In 189, Ding Yuan led his troops into Luoyang to assist General-in-Chief He Jin to eliminate the powerful eunuch faction. However, He Jin was soon assassinated and the bloody clash between the eunuchs and government officials that ensued saw the capital plunged into chaos.

Dong Zhuo, another warlord summoned into Luoyang by He Jn, quickly seized control. Under the enticement from this rising power, L Bu soon defected. He severed his former master's head and brought it to Dong Zhuo as a gesture of allegiance. The duo then swore to be father and son.

To consolidate his power, Dong Zhuo placed upon the throne a puppet emperor and moved the capital west to Chang'an. These acts, coupled with his tyrannical and cruel ways, angered many and the threat of assassination was ever present. For his personal safety, Dong Zhuo relied heavily on L Bu, who had by then been promoted to Knight General . The son would be seen beside the father almost all the time.

However, in his frequent bouts of temper Dong Zhuo would hurl a halberd at L Bu. Although the agile L Bu could easily dodge these throws, and Dong Zhuo's fury dissipated quickly, L Bu nonetheless bore a furtive displeasure against his adoptive father. Furthermore, when entrusted to guard the residence of Dong Zhuo, L Bu began an amorous affair with one of Dong Zhu's concubines. For this he was constantly in fear of being discovered.

In 192, encouraged by Imperial Minister of the Interior Wang Yun, L Bu finally made up his mind to murder Dong Zhuo. Bringing along a dozen trusted men, including Cavalry Captain Li Su, L Bu greeted Dong Zhuo at the palace gate. When Li Su stepped up and stabbed Dong Zhuo, the warlord cried out for his son. But saying "This is an imperial order," L Bu delivered the final blow.

Days of exile
After the death of Dong Zhuo, rumors spread that the court intended to execute all his former troops from Liangzhou . When a royal decree of pardon was not issued, former subjects of Dong Zhuo, Li Jue and Guo Si, staged a coup and defeated L Bu within ten days. Escaping from Chang'an, L Bu went to Yuan Shu in Yangzhou . Deterred by L Bu's fickleness, however, Yuan Shu declined to keep him.

L Bu then headed north to seek a position under Yuan Shao. Having been given some troops by the northern warlord, L Bu successfully flushed out the bandit army under Zhang Yan. However, with his own force growing in strength, L Bu was beginning to seem like a threat to Yuan Shao. Sensing this himself, L Bu then bid his short-term master farewell. Yuan Shao sent assassins after L Bu but it was for naught; L Bu managed to slip away.

In 194, while Cao Cao was away on a campaign against Tao Qian in Xuzhou , his subjects Zhang Miao and Chen Gong rebelled and handed Yanzhou to L Bu. When Cao Cao heard the news, he quickly turned back and laid siege on L Bu in Puyang. After more than a hundred days of stalemate, a famine breakout forced L Bu to give up his position.

Occupation of Xuzhou
Thinking that by forcing Cao Cao's retreat from Xuzhou he had done it a favor, L Bu then headed for Xiapi to take refuge under Liu Bei, who was Xuzhou's governor. In 196, however, L Bu turned on his host and took over Xiapi, proclaiming himself the governor and sending Liu Bei to the nearby town of Xiaopei (, present day Pei County, Anhui).

In the same year, Yuan Shu sent a force led by Ji Ling to attack Liu Bei. Fearing that the defeat of Liu Bei would expose his backdoor to Yuan Shu, L Bu made camp south of Xiaopei and brought Ji Ling and Liu Bei together. The Flying General then had a halberd erected at the campground gate. Urging peace between both parties, L Bu extracted their promises to withdraw troops if he could hit the sharp tongue of the halberd with an arrow. From afar, L Bu fired a shot and the missile came in squarely on its target. Awed by such mastery in archery, the two sides then held true to their words.

To ward off the expansion of Cao Cao's power, Yuan Shu then offered to ally with L Bu. L Bu initially agreed but soon regretted. He even sent men to retrieve his daughter, who was on her way to be married to Yuan Shu's son. She was the daughter of Lady Yan, L Bu's first wife. L Bu also imprisoned Yuan Shu's envoy and sent the captive to Cao Cao as a token of friendship.

In 198, L Bu again switched his allegiance to Yuan Shu and attacked Liu Bei in Xiaopei. The defeated Liu Bei sought help from Cao Cao, who personally led a force on Xiapi. After three months of siege and many consecutive losses, L Bu subjects were down in morale and defected. L Bu had little alternative but to surrender himself, but in some versions, his subjects grew tired of his cruel ways and tied him up while he was sleeping and presented him to Cao Cao.

Tightly bound and brought before Cao Cao, L Bu pledged his service. Reminded by Liu Bei of the fate of Ding Yuan and Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao had the treacherous captive hanged. However, some say[who?] that Cao Cao had L Bu strangled, a death punishment normally given to women, to show that L Bu was a coward who pleaded for his life.

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Ringkasan Bahasa Indonya:
L Bu (Hanzi: 呂布; baca: Lu P) (153 198), nama lengkap L Fengxian, lahir di Wuyuan (sekarang di wilayah Mongolia Dalam) adalah seorang jenderal terkenal dari penghujung zaman Dinasti Han dan Tiga Negara.Lu Bu dengan ciri khas memakai penutup kepala dengan ekor, ia memiliki kuda yang sangat sakti bernama red hare

Ia walaupun sangat lihai bertarung, namun juga adalah seorang yang menghalalkan segala cara untuk mewujudkan ambisinya. L Bu pertama kali mengabdi kepada Ding Yuan, yang kemudian berkomplot bersama He Jin untuk membunuh para menteri istana sepeninggal Kaisar Lingdi dan naik pangkat menjadi letnan jenderal.

L Bu kemudian termakan hasutan Dong Zhuo untuk membunuh Ding Yuan. Setelah Dong Zhuo mengangkat diri sebagai perdana menteri, ia kemudian menjadikan L Bu sebagai anak angkatnya dan panglima perang kekaisaran. Karena sifat Dong Zhuo yang tidak sabar dan bertemperamen kasar, L Bu akhirnya membunuh Dong Zhuo setelah dihasut oleh salah satu menteri istana, Wang Yun. Setelah kematian Dong Zhuo, L Bu lalu diangkat sebagai panglima besar kekaisaran. Di dalam catatan sejarah, L Bu diceritakan menjalin hubungan gelap dengan seorang dayang-dayang Dong Zhuo yang tidak disebutkan namanya. Di dalam Kisah Tiga Negara, karakter ini menjadi Diao Chan, yang juga diangkat sebagai anak oleh Dong Zhuo.

Hanya sebulan setelah kematian Dong Zhuo, bawahannya, Li Jue memimpin pasukan menyerang dan mengusir L Bu dari ibukota. L Bu kemudian melarikan diri dalam pengasingan, mencari perlindungan kepada Yuan Shu, yang menolak untuk menerimanya, lalu Yuan Shao, Zhang Miao dan Liu Bei.

Ia akhirnya menyusun kekuatan di Xiapi, di mana ia sering terlibat pertempuran dengan Cao Cao. Tahun 198, Cao Cao menyerang Xiapi dan memukul mundur pasukan L Bu terus menerus serta akhirnya mengepung pasukan L Bu selama 3 bulan. L Bu dengan moral pasukan yang rendah diperparah dengan pengkhianatan bawahannya, Hou Cheng, Song Xian dan Wei Xu. L Bu tertangkap oleh Cao Cao dan memohon kepadanya agar melepaskannya. Namun Liu Bei mengingatkan Cao Cao bahwa L Bu tidak dapat dipercaya dan membiarkannya hidup sangat berbahaya. L Bu kemudian dicekik sampai mati oleh Cao Cao.

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Lu Bu ama red hare yha..???

jadi inget komik conan...

yang edisi 39...

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nih gw ada tambahan:
Lu Bu adalah seorang petarung yang sangat hebat pada masa Tiga Negara, dengan keahlian bertempur dan memanah. Lu Bu adalah anak angkat dari Ding Yuan. Diperintah oleh sang ayah, Lu Bu menolak keputusan Dong Zhuo untuk mengganti Kaisar Xian dengan Kaisar Shao.

Menyadari bahwa Lu Bu menghalangi rencananya untuk mengangkat Kaisar Xian, Dong Zhuo mengikuti nasehat Li Su untuk mengambil hati Lu Bu dengan memberikan hadiah “Kuda Merah”, sutera, permata dan emas. Tidak mampu menolak kuda yang diberikan, Lu Bu membunuh Ding Yuan dan berpindah ke sisi Dong Zhuo.

Dengan Lu Bu disisinya, Dong Zhuo semakin berkuasa dari hari ke hari. Setelah Cao Cao mengalami kegagalan untuk membunuh Dong Zhuo, Wang Yun memiliki ide untuk meme cah belah antara Dong Zhuo dengan Lu Bu menggunakan Diao Chan. Terpesona oleh kecantikan Diao Chan, sekali lagi Lu Bu membunuh ayah angkatnya, Dong Zhuo. Penghianatan dan pembunuhan kedua ayah angkatnya memberikan reputasi jelek bagi diri Lu Bu.

Untuk membalas dendam kematian Dong Zhuo, Li Jue dan Guo Si memimpin tentara menyerang Lu Bu. Tidak mampu mengusir serangan, Lu Bu melarikan diri dengan sisa-sisa tentara yang ada. Kesempatan emas tiba ketika Cao Cao menyerang Xuzhou. Lu Bu dengan bantuan Chen Gong menyerang daerah Cao Cao dengan tiba-tiba dan berhasil menguasai banyak daerah strategis, Yanzhou berada di tangan Lu Bu. Namun kemenangan itu hanya bisa dinikmati dalam waktu singkat, Cao Cao memimpin tentaranya untuk menguasai kembali Yanzhou.

Hilangnya Yanzhou ke tangan Cao Cao, Chen Gong mengusulkan agar Lu Bu berlindung dibawah Liu Bei di Xuzhou. Takut akan ancaman yang menghadang dari gabungan Liu Bei dan Lu Bu. Cao Cao menjalankan usul Xun Yu untuk *****ah belah. Rencana pertama tidak berhasil, namun rencana kedua membuahkan hasil. Dengan dasar sifat buruk yang dimiliki, Lu Bu melancarkan serangan tiba-tiba dan menguasai Xuzhou dengan mengalahkan Zhang Fei yang pemabuk.

Perbuatan menyingkirkan tuan rumah ini semakin membawa Lu Bu ke dalam jurang. Tragis bila mengingat seseorang yang memiliki kemampuan tempur begitu hebatnya tidak ditaklukkan dalam pertempuran melainkan oleh anak buahnya sendiri ketika diikat pada saat tidur di menara gerbang kota Xiapi. Seorang berkeahlian tempur tinggi yang membawa ketakutan pada musuh-musuhnya ternyata takut menghadapi kematian.

Diikat dan dibawa kehadapan Cao Cao, Lu Bu memohon agar diampuni jiwanya serta berjanji taat mengabdi kepada Cao Cao dan menggunakan kemampuannya untuk menguasai daerah-daerah lainnya. Pada mulanya Cao Cao terbujuk, namun setelah berdiskusi dengan Liu Bei, Cao Cao menghukum mati Lu Bu, ini karena Liu Bei memperingatkan Cao Cao bahwa Cao Cao mungkin menjadi orang ketiga yang akan ditusuk dari belakang oleh Lu Bu, setelah Ding Yuan dan Dong Zhuo.

Penghianatan-penghianatan yang dilakukan Lu Bu membawa dirinya ke gerbang kematian.

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