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Default RF oXzorus PVP

RF oXzorus PvP 2232 NEW

exp 2000x
drop 15x
Animus Rate 35000x
... All PT,Skill GM
New Character 50K Cpt's, Kalung Caliana 5 biji
All rune @all PB markas
ele 3D + BBL @NPC
ele perfect, Legacy blade @flem
Booster efek attack 25%, Booster efek deff 25%, xmass non donate all effect, SnowSpray @3D,thor,sharman, santa choty
Gold Potion @chip controller
... All Talic @NPC
Tier 5 @NPC
Armor 65 Rare B +6 slot 7 @NPC
Weapon 65 Rare B +6 slot 7 @NPC
Shield Rare B 65 +6 slot 7@NPC
Weapon PvP 50 @Naroom Captain map OC
Weapon 70 Rare B maks slot 7 @Kukra Captain
Leon High @Izen map Bio Lab

System War:
Win Get HMS = 8000 CPT
Failure Get HMS = 6000 CPT
Lose Get HMS = 4000 CPT

Patch:1. http://www.indowebster.com/downloads...r5c5t584t434q5
....... 2. http://www.mediafire.com/?jt8o0x58480bqkc
Register: http://rf-oxzor.us/gcp/?act=register
Website: http://rf-oxzor.us/

manteb oy....

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